The Project

The mission of the Liberia Hope Foundation:

To provide education, skills development and job training that will prepare and equip individuals for advanced education, sustainable jobs and career options that will enable them to secure success for themselves and future generations.


Tugbaken is an underdeveloped rural area in Liberia’s south-east region of Maryland County.  It continues to recover from the devastation of Liberia’s turn of century tribal conflicts, civil wars and the recent 2014 Ebola epidemic.  Lives have been derailed, families torn apart, property and infrastructures destroyed.  Inadequate housing without running water, plumbing or sewage makes living difficult.  The nearest high school, providing hope for transformation, is over 250 miles away.

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The Liberia Hope Foundation aims to empower Tugbaken villagers and others within close proximity with the opportunity to become architects of their future.
The Vocational and College Preparatory High School will provide them with skills training that will allow them to rebuild their villages while creating employment options to eradicate poverty; and, education that will allow them to advance to profitable jobs, careers or higher education.

“Liberia is facing a jobs crisis that is virtually unprecedented anywhere in the world today,”Juan Somavia, ILO Director General.